Other volunteer opportunities

Because our foster homes are spread across multiples states and we do not have a central location, our need for non-fostering volunteers is limited.  We do, howerver, occasionally need the following:

  • Transportation!
    • The dogs we rescue often need to be transported from a shelter, boarding facility or vet office to their foster home. When we adopt out of state, dogs also may need to be transported from their foster home all or part of the way to their new forever home. We regularly post transport requests on our Facebook page.  An online form for individuals interested in providing transport only is coming soon.
  • Home Visits!
    • We require home visits for all our adoptions as well as for new foster homes. Because these homes can be anywhere in Nebraska or neighboring states, we occasionally require help with home visits, especially in areas where we may not have an established presence.
  • Networking and sharing our adoptable dogs!
    • An easy way to help! If you can share our adoptable dogs on social media, they have increased visibility for potential adopters and have a better chance of finding their perfect forever home.
  • Donations!
    • Pawsitive Endings only asks for donations when we absolutely need them (e.g. when we take in a dog with serious medical issues or special needs). Please follow us on Facebook so you can see when those needs arise.

Thank you for the support!